Spotted Eagle Ray

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Spotted Eagle Ray

Wingspans up to 10 feet

Tropical oceans around the world 

I have enjoyed seeing these wonderfully graceful rays in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and in Hawaii. But there is one encounter that I’ll never forget. Nine years after I was certified in California’s cold Pacific waters, I took my first trip to the warm waters of Cozumel. On my first dive, I back rolled off the panga into 84-degree water, and prepared to descend as we were in a strong current.  As I turned my focus downward, my breath was taken away by the 150 foot+ visibility and two large Spotted Eagle Rays cruising along 80 feet below. I had never seen anything like this before and the image is still burned into my memory banks. I was pretty hooked on diving by then.  But that was the moment I surrendered to the underwater realm. 

Printed on 100% cotton museum grade white Fine Art paper and personally signed by Steve.

These prints look great framed individually with a mat. They also look good when framed as a set of three. Some buyers have floated them in a glass frame. You can order the print here in two sizes.

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