About Steve Sandborg

Steve Sandborg

Steve has had a relationship with visual art his entire life having been inspired by his father to draw, paint and build things when he was very young. He studied art at UCLA (while earning an Economics degree) with a focus on the human form and abstract painting. But then a 40-year career in marketing and advertising limited his time for personal creativity. So, it wasn’t until recent years that he was able to fully explore his love of painting combined with adventure.

Steve’s art often reflects the places he has been over the years as he has traveled extensively to enjoy his love of the outdoors via scuba diving, sailing, fly fishing, mountain biking and hiking. While he has and continues to have great experiences in mountain and urban landscapes, it is his scuba diving and sailing that has been most inspirational as it has taken him to some of the most spectacular coastal and island locations throughout the world. However, he is quick to note that some of the great coastal scenes are only a drive from his home in Southern California or a quick boat trip over to Catalina.

Most of his work is done in the studio with studies and photo references captured while travelling. But increasingly, he is doing more of his work en plein air given the influence of the style in his and surrounding communities in Southern California.

“As a painter, I get excited about trying to capture the shapes, light, mood and energy of a scene. My goal is to bring the story of the moment to life in a way that touches a chord or evokes a memory with the viewer. To me, life is about the adventure of seeing new places, trying new things, and enjoying the beauty all around us. If I can impart even a little of what I experience in those moments, then I’ve created a successful painting.”

Steve works primarily in oil, but occasionally brings out the acrylics. His range of subject matter includes coastal and harbor scenes, landscapes, figurative work, an occasional abstract, and tropical fish portraits (painted while on scuba diving trips).

“While I’m attracted to both ocean and mountain environments alike, you will definitely see a preference in my themes that speaks to my love of the ocean.”

Steve is a member of the Southern California Plein Air Painters Association and resides in Dana Point, California with his wife, Karen.

Contact Info:

(310) 993-6918