About Steve Sandborg

Steve Sandborg

Steve is passionate about the beauty in the world, and from a very young age was always trying to capture it through drawing, painting or building things. He has always been inspired by landscapes, colors, shapes, the human form, and in particular, nature’s endless variety of fish life that he has experienced through his passion for Scuba diving. Over the years, he has traveled both professionally (during 40+ years in marketing and real estate development) and for personal enjoyment. While he has and continues to have great experiences in mountain and urban landscapes, it is his Scuba Diving travel that has been most inspirational as it has taken him to some of the most spectacular coastal and island locations throughout the world.

Most of his work is done in the studio with photo references from images captured while diving, sailing, travelling, mountain biking, fishing or hiking.  But he has also begun to do more plein air painting given the influence of the style in his and surrounding communities in Southern California.

“To me, life is about the adventure of seeing new places, trying new things, and enjoying the beauty all around us. When I’m diving, I experience a sense of calm and intense focus. I love to study fish life as well as the spectacular underwater landscapes be they coral reefs or kelp forests. While I dabbled a bit in underwater photography, I found that I wasn’t truly seeing and enjoying my subjects. Painting them after direct observation aided by reference materials has become a standard activity during my dive trips. I tend to select a number of fish that I will study during my dives. Then I spend some of the afternoons after diving painting or doing studies that I will finish later in the studio.”

In recent years, Steve has also expanded his pursuits to paint landscapes and subject matter above the surface in oil. “While I’m attracted to both ocean and mountain environments alike, you will definitely see a preference in my themes that speaks to my love of the ocean.”


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